Pocket Cards Made With My Digital Studio

I love the versatility of My Digital Studio.  I can create so many different types of projects and have a great selection of digital art to choose from.  I’ve been (slowly) working on baby photo albums for the Grandma’s of my kids.  Here are some pocket cards I made using MDS.

Sandie Grandbabies-002 Sandie Grandbabies-004 Sandie Grandbabies-005 Sandie Grandbabies-006Sandie Grandbabies-003

I  love how pocket cards make things so simple. They don’t have to be elaborate, but they can be customized. Just slip them into the pocket where a photo would normally go in any photo album that has pockets for 4×6 photos. It can make any generic photo album look more like a customized scrapbook. These 5 cards were intended to go together in the front page to serve as a title page.

Find My Digital Studio at the link below. Reminder: there have been software changes, so the artwork offered in the latest version may be different than what you see here from my original version. There is still a great variety and it’s now only $19.95!! I do recommend starting with the Free Trial.


If you’re looking for pre-printed pocket cards, check out Stampin’ Up!’s new Project Life Product Line.  The cards come in 3 sizes that fit into our Project Life album pages…


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