Banner Punch Tricks

Sometimes you can use your punches to create shapes they were not intended for.  Here are some shapes I can make with the Stampin’ Up! Banner Punch.  Perhaps you will discover more if you try this out.  🙂


To make the longer banner punched on both ends, you will need a card stock or paper strip about 1/2″ wide.  You need to place the end of the card stock strip through the back/bottom of the punch space and out the side (or vise versa) as shown.


I made the mini-chevron shapes by punching the end of a strip twice.  Insert a strip of card stock from the outside edge so that the end is under the V part of the banner shape and the rest of the strip (See photo).  Punch once, then move it inward an 1/8″, 1/4″ (or other desired width), and punch again.  It is very difficult to punch them exactly the same size twice.  You can plan to punch a bunch until you come up with several that look like the same size, or plan a design that uses chevrons with multiple widths.
20140606-115415-42855992.jpg 20140606-115416-42856383.jpg

Then, there is the “reverse” banner that points out on each end (see the red and blue banners on the left side of the first photo).  Punch the end of the  card stock strip as in the first step of the chevron.  Then turn it around and punch the other end.

If you have an alphabet image, mini sentiment, or matching banner stamp, it is usually easer to stamp the image first.  Then, hold the punch upside down so you can see the line up the stamped image inside the shape as you punch.

For some extra fun, I did a little experimenting with some other punches too…

20140606-125535-46535642.jpg 20140606-125534-46534966.jpg






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