Bookmarks made with My Digital Studio

Once upon a time I decided to try making bookmarks with My Digital Studio. But, I didn’t want to print them at home. So, I sized the file as a 4×6 and printed them as photo prints. I arranged the elements on one half of the file, then copied them so that I would have 2 bookmarks after cutting the “photo” print lengthwise. I wanted to print about 50 to give away, so I was happy with the price of 13 cents for 2 bookmarks.

There were a couple of drawbacks to note. Photo paper doesn’t tend to lay perfectly flat. Also, photo prints usually have numbers and/or file names printed on the back by the printer. So, I wouldn’t call them professional quality. But, I was giving them to my son’s friends at a school book club. I didn’t need them to be professional. I was happy with them looking good on the front, and being a cheap little give a way.

Wanna see? I thought the travel theme was good for a bookmark. 🙂


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